The Renaissance Reverend
Welcome to

I hear you are getting married and that is a Glorious thing.

The planning of the location, cake, flowers, wedding dress,  caterer, officiant now starts,  and the list grows.  I am here to help!

First, RELAX and get to know  who I am, and what my philosophy is.
I am sure you have alot of  questions and I have answers! 

Once you have gotten to know a little more about me and what it is that I have to
offer to help make your wedding day perfect.  Contact me and we will set up a free consultation.
I know what your thinking with so many vendors and so little time  how do I find the right ones?
Well I have some recommendations to help you out.

So remember just because there is alot to do, that Does NOT mean that this can't be fun too!  Just remember this is YOUR special day.  Let the Renaissance Reverend make your special day a day to remember !
Peace be with you!

                                                                                                        Rev. Robert Argyll